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djRe-release of the Subsequent Pleasures Album. Order at Dark Entries Records

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11266536 381557512042337 1050744936083156236 nAfter her exit from XYMOX Anka began working on a new project called 'Bud', with Toni Halliday, who had also just split with her band, Curve. In 1994 Anka signed a publishing deal with Anxious Records (ran by Dave Stewart of Eurythmics), but Anka decided to go her own way and the 'Bud' project did not materialise in a release. After re-working her songs, she signed a development contract with 4AD in 1995. Everything seemed to be developing in a very promising way, so she convinced Pieter to join her in London. "Pieter and I still carried that special 'something' in our musical collaboration stemming from the XYMOX days; It just seemed obvious (...) It was self-evident to me we should be doing this together and I was hoping for his and my input to merge musically. This struck me as a wonderful recipe."  Pieter also brought a number of tracks with him, and in 1996, under the name "Vaselyn", they signed a major recording contract with 'The Enclave' label , a subsidiary of EMI NY. But once again the dark side of the major music industry showed its ugly face; in 1997 EMI Music folded the Enclave label into Virgin Records. Consequently Vaselyn lost their A&R manager whilst still recording their album and, stopped in their tracks, a waiting game enfolded. Eventually, on their manager's advice, they successfully sued 'The Enclave' to exit the contract and get back the rights to their songs. Ultimately, of course, this meant the album did not get released.

Both Anka and Pieter withdrew from the music industry for years, and it took a getting-together with Sophie Zeyl for them to return. Anka and Sophie founded I-Rain Records in 2006, and Anka finally released a solo album, "Cocoon Time". In her compilation of songs Anka consciously decided to take the most intimate versions and omit the 'bombastic' recordings made for EMI. And so "Cocoon Time" is an intimate, warm album with minimalistically arranged songs which fit perfectly with Anka's gentle vocals. At the same time, together with Pieter, Anka produced Sophie Zeyl's debut album, "Two Ways of Running". Unfortunately, Anka's musical return was this short period of time only. She has not released or produced any more music since.

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