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Pieter, who had long been dissatisfied with the musical development of XYMOX,

now turned to techno / house music.

He was the resident producer of One4Two studios in Amsterdam and released music as part of Hyper Cycle Production (i.a. Alfred Bos, Anniki Sommerville, Tino Nooten),

under various pseudonyms, such as Cyberia and First Contact. "

Hyper-Cycle was a great time. We used to put out 12-inches almost every week.

We knew some of the DJ's playing at the infamous Roxy in Amsterdam at the time.

Seeing them trying out our tracks on a real audience was fantastic.

We would stand on the balcony watching the crowd and when they responded in a certain way to some remix, we would go back to the studio and change things accordingly.

Dance music always intrigued me because of the possibilies of extreme experimentation combined with blant, brutal banality. "

Hyper Cycle produced house, techno and ambient 12 inches, which still contain much of the euphoric mood and experimental joy of the early 90s.

Apart from that, it produced yearning dance tracks ("Seizing the Moment," "I Call Upon")

which sounded like a logical development of the idea of "Dream House" (XYMOX - At The End Of The Day, 12 ", 1991).

The 'Hyper Cycle Vegetarian Picnic' compilation gives a good idea of the music produced between 1992 and 1994,

also containing the remarkable 12 inches "I Call Upon", "Albatross" and "Open Up".

Becoming tired of dance music, in 1995 Pieter moved to London to work on music with Anka as "Vaselyn".

After Vaselyn he took an extended musical break, only writing occasional songs for theater,

film and art projects, before he and Anka appeared on the scene in 2005 as part of I-Rain Records and producer of Sophie Zeyl's debut album.

In 2006, his ambient solo album "Ourspace" (I-Rain Records, 2006) was released, a compilation of forgotten and unpolished tracks.

In 2010 Pieter released "Here Is Why" (Rocket Girl) which represented his idea of electronic chamber music;

remarkable music in the spirit of the Mortail Coil projects; minimalist, intense and with a fragile beauty.


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